Meet the Family


The name Coonhound Cookies was chosen out of a love for the six coonhound breeds that are among the least known dog breeds in the country and for the three coonhounds we have rescued.

On the left is Sadie.  She is a Plott Hound/Whippet Mix.  She was the first coonhound we rescued.  She came from North Carolina where she was taken out of a kill shelter as a puppy, fostered for about two months and transported to MA in the hopes of finding a good home.  When we saw her in the rescue facility it was love at first sight.  Sadie is full of energy and is the definition of "Never Quit".  Plott hounds have been used to hunt boar and bear, are very smart and loyal, and only have two speeds... sleep and not sleep!

In the middle is Apollo.  He is also a Plott Hound mixed with a Shepard, we believe he is part Belgian Malinois.  He was the second addition to the family and rescued from Tennessee.  He was in a kill shelter days away from being put down when we spotted him online.  I immediately contacted the shelter and had him transported to MA.  Until the night we got him home, he never saw the inside of a house.  He was 9 months old, 60 pounds, and all puppy.  Very smart and attentive, Apollo keeps things in order around the house.  He thinks he is a small lap dog and is the most laid back, easygoing dog we could have hoped for.

On the right is Cody.  You may recognize him as he is the face of Coonhound Cookies.  Cody is a Bluetick Coonhound and we are his second adopted family.  He was rescued from Georgia and had a very difficult start to life.  He was severely abused and developed several anxiety issues and would not trust people.  He was rescued by Northeast Coonhound Rescue (NECR) and adopted to a wonderful family in the area.  Years later Cody was returned to NECR due to an incident in the family and desperately needed a new home.  In an emergency situation we took Cody in as a foster to get him out of a shelter and into another loving home.  Due to all his issues it took several months for Cody to open up to us, but we remained diligent in working with him.  After 10 months of trying to find a great home for Cody we finally realized that he was already in the best home.  He was gifted to us as a wedding anniversary present by NECR.  Cody is now a trusting, playful, energetic love bug!
We continue to work with NECR as a foster family and adoption counselors, placing wonderful dogs in great homes.  It is stories like these and so many more that was the driving force to start this venture.  We all want what is best for our families, pets included.  For years we made treats for our dogs and decided it was time to share with the rest of the world.  Our love for these and all dogs drive us every day to provide the absolute best in our products.  We will never take short cuts or compromise our values.  It is out of love and devotion that we bring Coonhound Cookies to you.
To learn more about all of the Coonhound breeds and Northeast Coonhound Rescue please click on the link below.

Northeast Coonhound Rescue