Coonhound Cookies has Temporary Closed

We have decided to temporarliy close due to difficulties accociated with 2020! We hope to be back in the future and continue the success we saw prior to this year. We wish all of our loyal customers the best and hope that we can provide you and your dogs our products and services again soon.

Keeping it simple and healthy


A little about our story

We are a new dog treat company located in Rowley, MA focusing on handmade, high quality, all natural treats for all dogs using select ingredients that promote overall wellbeing.  We have been making these types of treats for our own dogs for years and thought it was time to share.

Why coonhounds…  The name was chosen out of a love for the six coonhound breeds that are among the least known dogs in the country and for the four coonhounds we have rescued ourselves. Cody, a 9 year old Bluetick Coonhound, is the face of Coonhound Cookies.  We also foster coonhounds rescued from the south and they make the best taste testers.

These dog treats are made with human grade ingredients and if we just added a little sugar, they would be high quality cookies for you.  In fact we personally taste cookies from every batch to ensure the quality.  The Pear Ginger treats are our favorite, but so are the Pumpkin, the Apple Carrot, the... well they all are.

Our packaging was selected both for the natural look and to help preserve the cookies.  They are heat sealed for freshness, have a resealable top, and include an oxygen elimination packet to extend the shelf life.

Thank you and enjoy, from all of us at Coonhound Cookies!

Feel free to reach out at (978) 432-6895